Thursday 30, 2018, It’s been a month, since the first time, they were staying and completing our life here. All SEAMEO Pre-service Teachers from Thailand and Philippines must return to their college to continue their study and meet us again next time. Been rehearsing all the time, students and SEAMEO Pre-service Teachers are ready to perform their best for the farewell party.
The three MCs, Aisya, Ucca, and Lavina greeted all the audiences. Prof. Siswandari warmly gave a speech and thanked Fatima, Jodelle, Pearly and Vieng, as the pre-service teachers, for their companion here. “And, let’s see Bu Fatima and Bu Jing-Jing…” said the MCs to give the floor to Fatima and Jodelle who showed their Philippine traditional dance. The performance was continued by other traditional dance from Thailand. Vieng, solemnly she moved around and amazed all audiences. Pearly sang her Philippine anthem so nice.
In between time, to wait for pre-service teachers and students collaboration, SMA Pradita Dirgantara bands brought out two songs. When they were ready to perform, all traditional dance students and the pre-service teachers finally collaborated to nail Nawung Sekar dance. It was not the end of this farewell party yet. Students played acoustic, using modern band instruments, violin, and clarinet as the accompaniment to five songs sung: Photograph, All I Ask, See You Again, Pamit, and History. Those songs took out our soul and made the atmosphere so blue. We were here not to say good bye, but to meet you again someday.
Lastly, to create more memories, all class took pictures with SEAMEO teachers after the handing-over part. Surprisingly, students teared out while shouting out loud the song “Sampai Jumpa – Endang Soekamti” meaning “See You Again”. Yes, see you again my friend, Fatima, Jodelle, Pearly, and Vieng. We already miss you. Stay safe and healthy. HUMAS SMA PRADITA DIRGANTARA