SMA Pradita Dirgantaras Students Win Achievements in the Bebras Challenge Competition for the National Level Indonesian Computer Olympiad Team

by Nov 24, 2020

SMA PRADITA DIRGANTARA(Boyolali) – Pradita Dirgantara High School students won achievements in the Bebras Challenge 2020 Competition organized by the National Board Organization (NBO) Bebras Indonesia and TOKI (Indonesian Computer Olympiad Team) at the National Level which was announced on Friday, November 20, 2020.

The Bebras Competition, which was first held in Lithuania, is a competition that educates problem solving skills in informatics with the largest number of participants in the world, which is attended by students ranging from elementary school (SD) to high school (SMA) and equivalent (www.bebras). org). This competition is held annually online via computer. The Bebras Competition was founded in Lithuania by Prof. Valentina Dagiene from the University of Vilnius in 2004. Bebras is the Lithuanian term for the word “beaver” (in Indonesian it is “beaver”). Bebras was chosen as a symbol of challenge (challenge), because beaver animals strive to reach the target perfectly in their daily activities. They make dams from tree branches in rivers or streams and build their own houses. This competition is called Bebras to show hard work and intelligence are needed in life.

The enthusiasm of the 2020 participants was extraordinary. There were around 4476 participants who took part in this competition. SMA Pradita Dirgantara itself includes 35 students to take part in this competition. Student on behalf of Abraham Rivaldo Putra, a class XI B student managed to get ranked in the top 10 nationally. And two other students entered the top 25 nationwide, namely Trevor Wade Orlando, student of class X B, who was ranked 16 and Rakabima Ghaniendra Rusdianto, student of class X D, was ranked 22 out of 4476 participants.

In the competition which was conducted using the online system, questions were presented that had to be solved using a computational thinking approach in the form of multiple choice questions. “We gave directions before the children took part in the competition and followed up using the practice questions in the system (Bebras Indonesia’s Learning Management System training website) and coordinated through special groups with students participating in this competition. The process of mentoring and training is carried out online, including when attending the technical meeting of all participants in the Solo Raya area and independent training at their respective homes which the teacher continues to monitor their readiness, “explained Yohanes Parsaoran S, S.Pd, the supervisor of this competition.

“When I participated in this free competition, it felt very challenging and made my brain think hard to be able to connect the problems to the existing questions. However, I was very excited and happy when I worked on these questions because they were accompanied by attractive graphics. It can be said that the Bebras Challenge is like a logic game that must be done intelligently and carefully in order to solve existing problems. In essence, this competition is very interesting and challenging to hone our logical brains. ” Said Abraham. Abraham also gave advice to younger siblings who wanted to take part in this competition so that they were serious about preparing themselves earlier by continuing to practice working on the questions that were already on the internet so that they could get higher ranks and make SMA Pradita Dirgantara proud. (PR / SMA Pradita Dirgantara)

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