Tips for Success in Achieving a Glorious Future as a Centennial Generation Discussed in a Talk Show at SMA Pradita Dirgantara

by Mar 26, 2021

SMA PRADITA DIRGANTARA (Boyolali) – SMA Pradita Dirgantara held a talk show with the theme “Tips for Success in Achieving a Glorious Future as a Centennial Generation through Accelerated Self Readiness” on Friday, March 26, 2021 through the zoom application. This event was attended by the ranks of the Central Yasarini, all Academics of Pradita Dirgantara High School, and all zoom participants who reached a total of approximately 1000 participants. In this talkshow, knowledge is discussed to add insight and enthusiasm to achieve dreams, as well as tips for success in achieving goals.

The talkshow which lasted for approximately two hours presented 5 speakers with extraordinary talents in their age, most of whom were young and included in the centennial generation, namely, Haniifah Anjani P, S.Ked, a Cumlaude graduate from the UGM Faculty of Medicine, Lettu Pnb Handika. R. Bima Y, S.Tr (Han), Air Squadron Flight Officer 15, Iswahyudi Air Base, Muhammad Hudiya A, Mechanical Engineering Student of Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen – Germany, Nadya Carolina, S.Si, Category Insights Tokopedia and IPDA Yulwido Adi, ST, Pama Subdivision of Baglabtekpol Weapon Testing, Police Research and Development Center.

Centennials generation is another term for generation Z, which is a generation born between 1995 and 2010. More specifically, this generation grows and develops alongside the very rapid digital growth. Being centennial is like a double-edged knife. Growing and developing with all-digital technology definitely offers convenience along with difficulty. Especially young people are usually worried about their careers, dreams, and aspirations.

Haniifah Anjani P, S.Ked explained that to be where he is now is not easy, even before that he had encountered many failures until finally he was at the point of achieving his goals. One motivational sentence that he always believes is when someone finds a failure then he can get up, it’s much better than he who has never tried anything.

“When achieving our goals, we must remain enthusiastic and focused, I always believe that The one who falls and gets up is stronger than the one who never tried,” said Haniifah.

Motivation is very important for someone, because with motivation someone can rise from adversity, making someone more enthusiastic about something. But sometimes someone definitely loses enthusiasm in his life. Lettu Pnb Handika R. Bima Y, S.Tr (Han) on this occasion shared tips on how he can overcome problems when he loses his enthusiasm.

“The first thing I remember back to my dreams before, I remember about my struggle to achieve my dream of becoming a pilot is not easy, secondly there are many people out there who aspire to become a fighter pilot but cannot make it happen, but thank God I am. I got the opportunity so I shouldn’t waste it, “said Lettu Pnb Handika R. Bima.

Apart from motivation, according to Muhammad Hudiya, it is better if we make a plan so that our dreams can be realized. “Preparing several plans, not only plan A plan B, but also preparing several other plans so that when we get stuck in the middle of the road, we stop, we are not confused, oh what do we do now, if for example this method fails we already have a sequence of paths. then to aim for the same goals, “explained Muhammad Hudiya. Another speaker, Nadya, added that in order to achieve our dreams, we must be focused and have the confidence that we can definitely make it happen.

At the end of the IPDA event, Yulwido explained that the challenges that will be faced by future generations will be increasingly difficult. What’s more, at this time many human jobs have been replaced by technological sophistication such as robots. However, according to him, there are 3 capabilities that cannot be done by machines and robots. “From what I learned, there are 3 abilities that machines and robots cannot do and this is my suggestion that we must have together, namely creativity, adaptability and public speaking skills, how we can talk and touch other people’s hearts. Those are the skills that are needed now” , explained IPDA Yulwido (PR / SMA Pradita Dirgantara)

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