The Moving Class system is one of the learning systems in which each subject teacher is ready to teach in the class that has been determined according to the subject he is teaching so that when the lesson changes, it is not the teacher who comes to the student class but the student comes to the teacher’s class this moving class system, a student is required to be creative in learning. It is no longer time for teachers to order students to study. However, students must learn with self-awareness. so that students are able to fully master the concept. then students who play a more active role in receiving lessons from the teacher.


Purpose and Benefits of Moving Class a. Creating a new learning system in learning Efforts to create a new learning system in learning include teaching can be held with a large number of students under the guidance of a teacher.


b. The occurrence of cooperation between students in learning activities When changing subjects, students have to move in different classes so that cooperation is needed in learning activities and learning activities together can help spur active learning. Teaching and learning activities in the classroom can indeed stimulate active learning, but the ability to learn through small group collaborative activities will allow students to promote active learning activities specifically. With thematic learning through moving classes, students are expected to learn to interact with others, so as to create synergistic cooperation.


c. Restoring Student Motivation The moving class system for students psychologically will always get a new atmosphere so that it can reduce boredom in the classroom. Some class students develop familiar feelings towards other classmates. In particular, students have taken part in active learning activities.


d. The teacher can prepare and plan the material well The relationship between the teacher and the learning program makes the teacher tied to the goals formulated in the learning program. With the readiness of the teacher in delivering material, the teaching and learning process will run smoothly.