Are you interested in working with us in a world-class boarding school?
Are you motivated and highly-skilled individuals who can inspire young minds to love learning and be optimistic?
Would you enjoy working collaboratively with diverse students from all over Indonesia?
Are you a critical thinker who is eager to take initiative?
Are you willing to learn new things and grow together?
Are you aspire to be the agent of change?

Human resources are the main assets and factors that determine the achievement of the institutional Vision and Mission. We are seeking teachers and staff who are passionate to work at Pradita Dirgantara High School. Teachers and staff of Pradita Dirgantara High School are educating students to be faithful, intelligent, creative, independent future leaders who have aerospace comprehension.

Pradita Dirgantara High School knows that an outstanding school needs outstanding people, which is why we offer highly rewarding professional opportunities to teachers and supporting staff. We invite you to be part of our dream team.


Graduates of Pradita Dirgantara High School are individuals who:

  1. Attained Global Competences
  2. Acquired leadership skills
  3. Obtained outstanding academic and non-academic achievements
  4. Developed noble characters and personalities
  5. Mastered aerospace comprehension
  6. Succeeded in becoming an agent of change