Garuda Figure

The spirit of Garuda Indonesia, has a bold, intelligent, cooperative, humane, noble, creative and visionary. Garuda figure is ready to give benefit to the nation wherever in the world by being a value that is ingrained that is ready to carry Indonesia in any sky.

Garuda Head

Garuda’s head is adopted from the TNI AU symbol and Pancasila as the image of the national values contained in Garuda and the head towards the east shows the sunrise that has always been a publication of the spirit and the new hope of every human being of Pradita Dirgantara.


Be open to positive things as well as ready-to-fly positions across the aerospace.

An Open Book

We are always trying to learn new knowledge and get ready to give a record of achievements.

Grip the World

The spirit of nationalism and patriotism to be at the forefront of international level.

Five stars

Making Pancasila as one of the guidelines for living the future.

Rice and Bounded Cotton

Achieve welfare and prosperity for the community above the individual.

The flutter of Merah Putih above the world

Hoist Merah Putih Achievements in the international skies all the time.