Sangiran Goes to School, BPSMPS Program and SMA Pradita Dirgantara

by Oct 18, 2020

PRADITA DIRGANTARA SMA (Boyolali) – Conservation Center for Sangiran Early Man Site (BPSMPS) which has a Sangiran Enter School program, this time with SMA Pradita Dirgantara. The Sangiran Entrance School program is usually carried out offline, this time it must be implemented as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. The event was held on Saturday, October 16, 2020. through the Zoom application and Youtube, attended by SMA Pradita Dirgantara Academic Community.

Iskandar Mulia Siregar, S.Si, as the Head of BPSMP Sangiran in conveying this, “Sangiran Early Man Site is very necessary and must be disseminated, but in a pandemic condition, he is required to be creative in delivering. So far, Sangiran Entrance to School has been carried out offline, but in current conditions it must be carried out online and hopefully it doesn’t reduce the meaning of this activity, and the information to be conveyed can be conveyed properly “. In his crisis, Iskandar also thanked SMA Pradita Dirgantara for the cooperation and opportunity given to BPSMPS so that the Sangiran Entrance to School event could be carried out.

“The pandemic period is a disaster for everyone, but the pandemic actually provides a very big lesson so that they are more creative in the learning process. Direct meetings may be limited, but if they are held, they can be directly followed by hundreds of students,” said Kol. Kes. Dr. Yulianto Hadi, MM Principal of SMA Pradita Dirgantara. Pradita Dirgantara High School students who come from all over Indonesia have not been able to visit the Sangiran Early Man Site, he hopes that on another occasion students can visit the site so that students can see first hand what is theorized in history. He believes that the Sangiran Entrance School program which is carried out boldly can provide optimal lessons and theories to SMA Pradita Dirgantara students.

Yulianto Hadi also stated that students at SMA Pradita Dirgantara began in grade X about critical essays, and they had to be able to capture problems that occurred in society with the knowledge they had and formulate theories from the knowledge that had been used. To support this process, SMA Pradita Dirgantara looks for as many sources of knowledge as possible to equip its students so that they can be more critical in observing life in their environment.

In the main event Sangiran Entrance School, two speakers were presented. The first speaker, Iskandar Mulia Siregar, S.Si, the Head of BPSMP Sangiran, explained about the Sangiran Site which is a World Prehistoric Site. At the beginning of his presentation he explained the location of the Sangiran Early Man Site, then about the history of the formation of the site and finally he explained the contents of the Sangiran Early Man Site.

The second speaker Prof. Dr. Harry Widianto, DEA, an archaeological expert, especially early humans, with his popular book, The Sangiran Trilogy, which is widely used as references relating to Homo Erectus ancient humans in Indonesia. Prof. Harry explained the process of human arrival in the archipelago. According to him, the sites in Sangiran are the ancestors of humans in the archipelago. The site has provided a lot of data about the human past in the form of fossils of both animals, humans and their artifacts. He said that in Indonesia currently there are a population of 266 million people, more than 17,000 islands and with 756 regional languages. The diversity of people in Indonesia is caused by the archipelago which is located on top of the tectonic plate, which is on the path of the Ring of Fire and the song out of Taiwan theory, which is the last that forms the population of the archipelago today. The process of human settlement in the Archipelago is not only limited to the presence of Austronesian people since 4,000 years ago, but has been running from various older periods. Evidence of past life is obtained from human fossils, animal fossils, and artifacts in ancient deposits that have reached the hands of researchers who then carry out reconstructions of human life in the past.

Prof. Harry Widianto said that the Archipelago is multi-racial and ethnic, ethnicity is a culture while race is a physical form. Same race, but because of our culture we become different ethnic groups. “Awareness of the multiculturality of the nation is important because we can see when we were, how did it come from, why did it become like this, so there is no mention of the difference. Physically different, but historically still in one sequence. Let’s be aware of this problem, understand the problems that exist in the archipelago so that we can see that we are all brothers ” Prof. concluded. Harry. (PR / SMA Pradita Dirgantara)

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