Unlimited Achievements of Pradita Dirgantara High School Students through the Art of Batik Culture Essence

by Aug 4, 2020

Surakarta —— SMA Pradita Dirgantara has achievements in the art of batik. Even though Pradita Dirgantara High School is one of the leading international schools, it still has a very cultural essence. The achievements that have been achieved are the result of the creative talents that have been patterned by the students in the extra-curricular field of batik art. Making batik itself is an excellent place for students to educate, character train, and conserve.

Batik is a cultural heritage that is not owned by any country with its distinctive characteristics making UNESCO designate batik as a Humanitarian Heritage for Oral and Non-material culture (Masterpieces of the Oral and the Intangible Heritage of Humanity) on 2 October 2009. On the 28th – September 29, 2019 students with extra-curricular batik have had the opportunity to participate in a design and batik competition in the Ndalem Gondosuli Batik Week 2 with the theme “Culture For Future” which is an annual event held at Ndalem Gondosuli Laweyan, Surakarta.

The competition was attended by 12 students with 2 extra-curricular assistants and 1 art teacher. The announcement of the winners was held on October 2, 2019 in conjunction with the commemoration of International batik day. The students brought many trophies by winning 1st place in the batik competition at high school level by Hidayah Sulistio Jati, class XI in collaboration with Dheyang Annisa Widayanti, class XI, 3rd place in the high school batik competition category by Muhammad Fawwaz Ghazy Hafizh class XI in collaboration with Marsellia Septy Claudia Timmerman class XI as well as the 2nd runner up in high school level batik competition by Prasetyo Wibisono class X in collaboration with Dian Rahmanisa class X.

The hope is that by continuing to have a culture essence that is thick with Indonesian culture, students can go global armed with creativity and can achieve unlimited achievements through batik. Reflects intelligent leadership with an aerospace perspective by upholding the value of local wisdom and having a culture essence of Indonesian children in the international arena.

Written by: PR SMA Pradita Dirgantara

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