Vision and Mission


To be a secondary education institution that has a reputation at the international level by always upholding the national culture to produce future faithful, intelligent, creative, independent, and having kedirgantaraan insight of future leaders.


    1. To organize education in line with the development of the state-of-the art science and technology based on the strengthening of faith and piety.
    2. To organize education with global insights based upon the noble values of national culture.
    3. To create smart, creative, and independent students through active, innovative, creative, effective, and fun learning processes.
    4. To organize education for strengthening the interests and talents, particularly in the fields of arts, sports, academics, and leadership to encourage the rise of an independent and excellent generation in various fields of life.
    5. To create a favorable school ecosystem focused on care, participation, and habituation.


      • To produce graduates who believe and piety to God Almighty.
      • To produce graduates who have well-behaved and dignified noble based on the noble values of national culture.
      • To produce graduates who are knowledgeable, well-performed and excellent in the field of academic and are able to compete both nationally and internationally.
      • To produce graduates as future leaders of the nation who are strong, intelligent, creative and kedirgantaraan insightful.
      • To produce graduates who perform well and have excellence in the arts and sports.
      • To produce graduates who have social sensitivity and contribute in giving thought and action.